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In recent years, focusing on supporting scientific and technological finance and Internet finance, China and even the whole world have been vigorously promoting the innovation and development of financial APPs, and enhancing the services financial products provide for the real economy. To better promote the concept of “cross-platform financial data integration”, Century International Finance (CIF) has launched its first mobile Internet product, C-Connect.

Overview on Core Features

As a mobile APP that provides free financial information and services for CIF users worldwide, C-Connect combines financial information, transaction management and life services. The currently launched 1.0 version offers information, transactions, payment, online shopping mall and other functions for users, and more functions that serves finance, gets close to life are being continuously developed.

Track 2U

Track 2U is one of the major projects in CIF’s 2017 development plans.

Will create strategic alliance with reputable merchants, cloud Internet electronic online sales system, combined entity and virtual sales network module.

Members will be able to use Track 2U points to purchase all CIF merchant’s merchandise, including hotel accommodations and various consumer sites.

In order to build its brand and rapid development in international market, CIF will strive to source for more reputable potential projects and diversification. Thus being the best top trading platform and beneficial to investors.

C-Connect: Financial Information Flow

The core functions of C-Connect cover the acquisition, analysis and processing of financial data, from collection to analysis, activation to reporting, management to trading. Seamlessly docked with the CIF electronic stock market, C-connect’s collection and storage of various types of data on the platform is based on the standard, “the faster the fresher”.

C-Connect comprehensively analyzes the collected data, improves the breadth and depth of the financial information being interpreted through multi-technology integration like the data matching engine, partner data integration and optimization, distributed computing etc., to minimize or avoid data distortion and to truly reflect the market trends. Based on reliable data and analysis, the APP will generate customized reports based on different customers’ needs, so that customers can query the CIF electronic stock prices and trends, conduct management and trading, and easily control their wealth at any time.

C-Pay: Mobile Payment

In the Internet era, electronic payment has gradually replaced the traditional trading media such as paper money and become the main carrier of daily transactions. As a highly user-friendly mobile payment function developed by CIF, C-Pay is going to an important role in future consumption. It is simple, safe and convenient, which not only greatly reduces the purchase time that people will spend in physical stores, but also enable users to enjoy the discounts provided by online sellers.

CIF users can enjoy life services via C-Pay such as paying water, electric and gas bills, bicycle renting inquiry, real-time public transportation inquiry, e-commerce etc. With these functions, C-Pay is trying to be a strong life service platform.

C-Shop: Online Shopping Mall

With the rise of mobile social networking, cloud computing, the Internet of Things and other technologies, data information on the Internet is growing and accumulating at an unprecedented rate, financial content has been greatly expanded and improved.

With further interaction of Internet finance, C-shop, an online shopping platform created by CIF, has come into being. With this platform, users can realize consumption on CIF’s C-Shop or offline CIF alliance merchants through mobile payment via C-Payment or credits exchange. All goods on C-shop are from physical stores offline, the goods purchased can be shipped to customers via express or customers can pick them up in physical stores. With excellent quality, these products are reliable.

To better serve the honorable users of CIF in the future, C-Connect will continue to make improvements in practice, perfect user experience online, provide users with a variety of high-value services, and offer more “visible, tangible” helps online based on the actual needs of users, please wait and see.